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Welcome to John McCarthy's (Sept 4, 1927 - Oct 24, 2011) new website.

John was a legendary computer scientist at Stanford University who developed time-sharing, invented LISP, and founded the field of Artificial Intelligence.

In March 2011 John launched Project JMC with the objective to make his work more approachable and accessible. The Project JMC team is continuing to help realize his objective. In this site you will find all John's work, including his social commentary, and acknowledgements of his outstanding contributions and impact. Additional comments, suggestions, stories, photographs and videos on John and his work are very welcome. Please send them to the Project JMC team.

Stanford University celebrated John's extraordinary accomplishments in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Sunday March 25, 2012 during the AAAI Spring Symposium.

John McCarthy remains an inspiration. Enjoy your exploration of his website!